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Wet Dash Rendering Burnhope

Wet Dash Rendering Services in Burnhope

We Also Carry Out Large Repairs On Wet Dash Rendering

Wet Dash Rendering Services in Burnhope

Wet Dash Rendering

If you're looking for ways to vastly improve the appearance of your home, a beautiful coat of fresh, vibrant render is hard to beat.

Millions of homeowners in Burnhope have opted for this amazing method, mostly because it offers so many benefits over the other alternatives - it's a simple choice!

However, it's not quite so easy to choose which type of render you want, as there are several to consider.

At Render Hero, we specialise in all kinds of renders, and we can help you decide which is the best option for your home, the substrate (wall surface materials), your taste and your budget.

Wet dash rendering is one possibility, although it is often overlooked in favour of other types.

This is a shame, as it has many great qualities - as we'll explain here.


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What Is Wet Dash Rendering?

What Is Wet Dash Rendering?

Also called roughcast, wet dash render is a traditional exterior wall finish commonly used in Burnhope, typically on houses and garages.

Wet dash render is generally composed of 2-3 parts sand, 1 part small stones, and 1 part cement (lime is also sometimes added to the mixture). A waterproofing agent can be used to increase the render's water resistance.

Grey or white cement is used, depending on the desired aesthetic, as a white cement mix provides a brighter and fresher finish.

Sharp sand is used rather than builder's sand, as it has better moisture resistance and creates a stronger mix.

The aggregate (small stones, typically sharp granite) in wet dash render adds character to any building. Its attractive rough-textured finish is in contrast to the smooth finish provided by other renders (such as monocouche, acrylic, or silicone).

The composition may have to be altered if the mix is being prepared to repair damaged areas of existing wet dash.

The Advantages Of Wet Dashing

Wet dash rendering doesn't just create an attractive facade; it's a robust shield for your home. Here's how it keeps your place looking its best and protects what matters most: 

Durable Finish 

Wet dash render is a champion of durability and is built to last! Highly weatherproof, it shrugs off rain, wind, and whatever else the British weather conditions might have in store. Its resistance to cracking ensures your walls stay looking their best for years to come. 

Wet dashing owes some of its strength and durability to the fact that less troweling is involved. When you require a smooth finish, the heavy troweling causes tiny cuts in the render that can allow water in. Over time, this causes cracks that will eventually spread, resulting in the need for maintenance and repairs.


The unique textured surface of wet dash isn't just for show. It effectively deflects rainwater away from the wall and prevents it from seeping through, keeping your home dry and cosy even during the wettest months. 

The uneven finish provided by the pebbles contributes to a larger surface area. This means that moisture evaporates more easily, so it's less likely to be absorbed into the matrix and the fabric of your building.

Because of this, wet dash is the ideal solution for houses in Scotland, the north, or anywhere with a high annual rainfall.

A Variety Of Finishes 

Don't be fooled by its toughness - wet dash offers a surprising amount of aesthetic flexibility. By choosing different-sized aggregates, you can create a variety of textures and finishes that perfectly complement a range of architectural styles. From a classic, understated look to something more contemporary, wet dash lets you add a touch of personality to your home's exterior walls.  

As the gravel is mixed in with the wet dash mortar, you get a uniform colour across the wall surface, although the rough textured finish will vary according to your chosen colour and the size of the pebbles.

Don't worry if you're not keen on the grey or white cement look - the rough finish can be painted in the colour of your choice!

Increased Fire Safety 

Wet dash offers an additional layer of fire resistance, giving you some extra time in case of an emergency. This can be crucial for allowing you and your family to evacuate safely. 

In some instances, wet dash render can be applied over existing render, reducing the overall cost of the project and increasing the amount of protection and insulation it offers. This is usually only possible if the existing render is in good condition and isn't painted (although we can examine the render to determine whether this is possible).

So, if you're looking for reliable results with a long-lasting, weatherproof, and attractive exterior wall finish, then wet dash rendering is a fantastic choice for your home. It offers a winning combination of practicality and style, keeping your property looking its best for years to come!

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Wet Dash Vs Dry Dash

While the difference might seem obvious, the two are often mistaken for each other!

Here's a quick explanation to make things clearer:

Wet Dash 

The stones are pre-mixed with sand, cement, and water to create a single render mix. This is then applied to the wall, with the stones becoming embedded within the finish. 

Wet dash offers a more uniform finish as the stones are embedded within the render. It allows for more control over the final colour since the cement is part of the mix. 

It’s a quicker and simpler process overall, compared with dry dash render.   

Dry Dash (Pebble Dash)

The render mix (sand and cement) is first applied to the wall. Then, separate decorative aggregates are pressed, sprayed or thrown onto the wet render to create the textured surface. 

This method provides a more prominent textured finish, with the stones clearly visible on the surface. It also offers more flexibility for using different coloured or textured stones for a unique look. However, colour options for the render itself are limited. 

Dry dashing also generally requires more maintenance, as pebbles may become loose and need to be refixed.

Wet Dash Vs Dry Dash
Applying Wet Dash Render

Applying Wet Dash Render

As trained and skilled craftsmen, the Render Hero Burnhope team are experts when it comes to applying wet dash render. As with any plaster or render project, it requires patience, skill and dedication to achieve perfect results.

Our team follows this basic application process, although they will make adaptations due to any specific challenges onsite:


This stage is crucial, as it provides the base on which the render will sit. The wall surface is thoroughly cleaned, removing any dirt, dust, or loose materials that could compromise the render's adhesion. Any remedial repairs are made at this stage.

The walls are lightly sprayed with water so the surface isn't too dry to receive the render.

The Scratch Coat 

The wall is then covered with a base coat of render, called a scratch coat. This is because the surface is scraped with a comb to make grooves that provide a key that allows the next coat to form a firm bond with the base coat.

The Top Coat

A second coat is added, although this is usually a 'weaker' mix, meaning that it has a slightly higher sand content, which creates a better bond.

We typically spray the walls down with water to prevent the mixture from drying out too quickly, which can cause cracks.

Finishing Touches

Our render technicians check the wet dash finish to make sure it is perfect. They will then tidy the area and clear away tools and equipment.

Can I Apply Wet Dash Render Myself?

While it's tempting to give it a go, rendering of any kind is a specialist job requiring a skilled hand.

Wet dash render is particularly difficult to get right, especially in relation to the mix ratio of sand, cement, water, aggregate and any additives, such as lime or waterproofing agents.

Applying wet dash render is no easy task, either! You need to act quickly and ensure an even thickness for each coat, allowing time for it to dry. It can be a messy, time-consuming task, and it's easy to go wrong somewhere along the line.

For the best results, it's always wise to ask experienced experts to help.

Can I Apply Wet Dash Render Myself?
Render Hero Wet Dash Rendering Specialists In Burnhope

Render Hero Wet Dash Rendering Specialists In Burnhope

Wet dash render isn't just a cosmetic upgrade; it's a robust shield for your property. It offers exceptional weatherproofing, a stunning variety of finishes, and an extra layer of fire resistance – all while keeping your home looking its best for years to come. 

At Render Hero, our skilled team has the expertise to transform your exterior walls with a beautiful and long-lasting wet dash finish. We use top-quality materials and professional techniques to ensure a flawless result. 

Ready to give your home the protection and style it deserves? Contact Render Hero today for a free, no-obligation quote and discover how wet dash rendering can enhance your property.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is wet dash rendering?

Wet dash rendering involves applying a mixture of lime, cement, sand, and small pebbles to exterior walls, providing a textured finish and protecting against weather.

How long does wet dash rendering last?

Wet dash rendering is known for its durability, typically lasting over 20 years with proper maintenance and environmental conditions.

What are the advantages of wet dash rendering over other methods?

Wet dash rendering offers enhanced durability and a unique aesthetic texture that can hide imperfections in the underlying wall surface.

Can wet dash rendering be applied to any type of building?

Wet dash rendering is versatile and can be applied to most types of buildings, including brick, block, and stone structures.

What maintenance does wet dash rendering require?

Maintenance for wet dash rendering includes periodic cleaning and inspections to ensure there are no cracks or damage.

How much does wet dash rendering cost?

The cost of wet dash rendering varies based on factors like wall size and condition, typically ranging from £40 to £100 per square metre in the UK.
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