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Silicone Rendering Services In Burnhope

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Silicone Rendering Services In Burnhope

Silicone Rendering

Considering an upgrade for your Burnhope home's exterior? House rendering offers a fantastic way to boost your property's kerb appeal, improve energy efficiency, and protect your walls from the elements. But with various render options available, selecting the right one can be tricky. Here at Render Hero, we specialise in silicone rendering, a modern and versatile solution that offers a wealth of benefits. 

Below, we'll explore the unique properties of silicone render, why it might be the perfect choice for your home, and how our expert team can deliver a stunning and long-lasting finish.


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What Is Silicone Render?

What Is Silicone Render?

Traditional renders were made using a simple mix of sand, lime and water. Lime was later replaced, in many cases, with Portland cement. These mixes are still used today, although modern innovations have introduced some excellent products, such as silicone and acrylic renders.

Here's a breakdown of the 'ingredients' in most silicone renders:

  • Silicone Resin - This provides the render with its flexibility, water resistance, and self-cleaning properties. 
  • Aggregates - These are inert materials like sand or crushed rock that give the render its strength, texture, and body. 
  • Water - This is essential for mixing the components and allowing the render to cure properly. 
  • Pigments - These are added to give the render its desired colour during the manufacturing process. 
  • Additives - Depending on the specific product, various additives might be included for improved workability, adhesion, or UV resistance. 

Beyond the familiar uses like glue and spatulas, silicone offers a revolutionary approach to house rendering. This innovative material boasts a unique molecular structure, resulting in a rubber-like composition that's both durable and flexible. Additionally, its low thermal conductivity makes it effective against wear and tear from the elements.

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Is Silicone Render Any Good?

Silicone rendering isn't just about resilience; it's a wonderfully low-maintenance option. Unlike traditional cement renders, it boasts exceptional resistance to both ultraviolet rays and water. This translates to less time spent battling the effects of weather and more time enjoying your beautiful home. 

For a truly flawless finish, silicone renders deliver a smooth, easy-to-clean surface. Forget the hassle of painting – the colour is expertly incorporated during manufacturing, offering a wide range of colours to suit any style. 

Often referred to as a thin coat render, this ingenious product uses a fibreglass mesh-reinforced base coat. This not only creates a crack-resistant barrier but also enhances the already impressive waterproofing capabilities compared to traditional acrylic options. 

Water Resistance

The secret to silicone render's low maintenance lies in its hydrophobic nature. This fancy term basically means it repels dirt and algae, keeping your walls looking pristine for longer. So, there’s no need for frequent repainting, and all it needs is a wash now and again to keep it looking great! 

But the benefits don't stop there. Silicone renders are also breathable, allowing moisture to escape from the underlying structure and preventing damp issues that can plague traditional rendering methods. 

Whether you're embarking on a new build or breathing new life into an existing property, residential or commercial, silicone rendering provides the perfect solution, particularly for blockwork substrates.

Is Silicone Render Any Good?
Why Render Your Burnhope Home?

Why Render Your Burnhope Home?

We've explored some of the benefits of silicone render, but it's worth examining all of the advantages of having render applied to your home:

Thermal Efficiency 

Did you know up to 30% of your home heating (or cooling!) could be dissipating through your walls? Silicone render acts like a blanket for your house, drastically improving its thermal performance. This translates to warmer winters and refreshing summers, all while slashing your energy bills. And, unlike bulky internal insulation that eats into valuable living space, silicone render works seamlessly with any external wall insulation system, maximising the floor space.


Sun, wind, rain, snow - all these elements constantly hammer your home's exterior. Render provides a protective shield, preventing cracks that could act as gateways for moisture. Excess moisture is the enemy of a healthy home, and render keeps it firmly at bay.

Reduced Maintenance 

Unlike traditional paint that peels and fades like a bad sunburn, silicone render boasts vibrant, through-colour technology. That means no more endless painting sessions, even if your walls get a little scuffed. The colour runs all the way through, so minor scratches won't spoil the overall look. Think of it as a built-in touch-up kit for your exterior brick walls! Plus, with silicone render guarding your home, you can say goodbye to the tedious chore of repointing brickwork – it shields your walls from weather damage for years to come. 

Enhanced Value 

Adding value to your home shouldn't be a major construction headache. Silicone render is one of the simplest and most effective ways to achieve just that. The process is swift – taking just a few days – and the results are phenomenal. Your property will not only look fantastic, but its value will likely see a healthy boost, too! So, forget the extensive renovations and embrace the benefits of silicone render.

How Long Does Silicone Render Last?

How Long Does Silicone Render Last?

When applied correctly and looked after, silicone renders should easily last between twenty and thirty years.

One key feature of this product is that it's a through-coloured render, so the pigments stay vibrant for a very long time. The best way to ensure that your render looks its best and remains in excellent condition is to wash the surface down once or twice a year.

Will Silicone Rendering Prevent Damp?

Silicone render excels at repelling water. Its hydrophobic properties prevent rainwater from penetrating the render itself. This is a significant benefit compared to traditional renders, which can absorb moisture. 

Despite its water resistance, silicone render isn't completely air-tight. It allows some level of breathability, which helps to release moisture vapour trapped within the walls. This breathability is crucial for preventing damp issues from occurring within your home. 

These two qualities will definitely help to reduce the risk of rising or penetrating damp within the property.  

However, if your home already has damp problems, silicone render alone might not be the complete solution. First, you'll need to address the source of the dampness, such as fixing leaks, improving ventilation, or tackling rising damp issues.

Will Silicone Rendering Prevent Damp?
How Much Does Silicone Render Cost In Burnhope?

How Much Does Silicone Render Cost In Burnhope?

It's true that silicone render requires a larger initial investment than some other examples, but that doesn't mean it's not cost-effective!

On average, it costs between £65 and £80 per square metre, which is a sizeable investment.

However, when you consider all the advantages it offers, this balances out in the long term when you consider the following:

  • Improved thermal efficiency
  • Savings on your energy bill
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • No need for frequent repainting

Can I Apply Silicone Render Myself?

While plastering and rendering may look simple, it takes a skilled hand to produce perfect results.

Also, there's the preparation to consider; the walls must be cleaned of all algae, moss, dirt and debris. Then you need to make sure that any damage is repaired, before applying the base coat*, fabric mesh, and primer.

*Possibly a general-purpose drymix rendering and masonry mortar requiring only the addition of water. It's also important to get this right!

Finally, you need to apply silicone render at a steady pace, while it's still workable and before it starts to cure. And if you want a specific pattern or textured finish, you need to be able to produce consistent results using the correct tools.

Perfect Application

This render can be applied using a trowel, roller, brush or spray gun, each of which requires training, skill and patience to achieve the right thickness and a smooth finish. While silicone render is described as easy to apply, this is in comparison with other types of plaster and render options, It still requires experience and competence to get it right.

Basically, it depends on the results you want. If it's perfection you're after, leave it to the Render Hero team!

Can I Apply Silicone Render Myself?
Render Hero - Silicone Rendering Experts In Burnhope

Render Hero - Silicone Rendering Experts In Burnhope

Achieve a stunning, long-lasting finish for your Burnhope property with Render Hero's expert silicone rendering service. Our skilled render technicians ensure a flawless application for a smooth, weatherproof exterior.   

We handle everything from thorough wall preparation to perfect render application, guaranteeing a professional finish that enhances your home's aesthetics and value.  

Let Render Hero's expertise transform your house – contact our Burnhope team today for a free quote and breathe new life into your property

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is silicone rendering?

Silicone rendering is a type of render that uses silicone to provide a flexible, durable, and water-resistant finish to building exteriors.

What are the benefits of silicone rendering?

The benefits of silicone rendering include enhanced flexibility, resistance to water and weather, and long-lasting colour retention.

How long does silicone rendering last?

Silicone rendering can last for 20-30 years, depending on the quality of application and environmental conditions.

How much does silicone rendering cost in the UK?

The cost of silicone rendering in the UK typically ranges from £40 to £60 per square metre, varying by project size and complexity.

Can silicone rendering be applied over existing render?

Yes, silicone rendering can be applied over existing render if the existing surface is stable and properly prepared.

How do I maintain silicone render?

To maintain silicone render, regularly clean the surface with mild detergent and water, and inspect for any damage or cracks.
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