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Render Cleaning York

Cleaning render is a big task, and it's not something you should undertake alone if you're unfamiliar with the process. In fact, rendered surfaces are relatively sensitive, so just throwing on a pressure washer and blasting the entire wall could actually create some problems.

So, what can York homeowners do?

Well, the best thing any homeowner can do when it comes to render cleaning is contact a render cleaning company in York like ours, Render Hero, to carry out render cleaning services on their behalf.

Using our soft washing technique, we can clean the render in a safe way that ensures all organic growth such as algae, lichen, fungi, and mould spores are removed, and all other stains too. As for the rendered surface beneath the messes we clean? It's completely unscathed.

But before you decide if working with our York team at Render Hero is right for you, let us explain what we do, how we do it, and why so many customers are already working with us. Then you can decide for yourself if we're right for you!


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When is it necessary to opt for our render cleaning services in York ?

When is it necessary to opt for our render cleaning services in York ?

Rendered walls are often chosen for their low maintenance and attractive finish, right? No matter which render surface you choose - painted render, k rend, or something else entirely - clients almost always choose rendered walls because of the look they can achieve. And that appearance often increases the curb appeal of their home.

But what happens when the render surfaces become stained, dirty, or messy? Well, when that happens, it's usually necessary to call in a York render cleaning company like ours to help with render cleaning because it's the best way to make sure your exterior walls look the part again, and it's all completed quickly and easily, whilst helping protect your rendered walls.

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What causes a rendered surface to become messy?

But why is render cleaning necessary to begin with?

Well, there are a number of common causes:

  • algae growth - green algae or red stains can be indicative of this
  • mould
  • lichen
  • fungi
  • atmospheric pollution
  • general dirt from the environment

If some or all of these problems are working together to make your render dirty, then it's time to call us in to help clean render and improve the appearance of your walls once more.

So, how do we do it? And, more importantly, how do we remove staining, kill organic growth, and improve the look of your home without causing damage to the render?

What causes a rendered surface to become messy?
Cleaning render: Our cleaning process

Cleaning render: Our cleaning process

Our cleaning method for render cleaning relies on softwash systems and softwash products designed to clean render without high pressure or pressure washing which can easily damage the render, but instead focuses on cleaning renders with low pressure and mild detergent to deliver amazing results in a safe way that doesn't threaten the integrity of the render.

1. Soft wash cleaning explained

As cleaning specialists, we know that our method of render cleaning is the most effective at removing staining from all types of render, as well as being the safest method for your render.

Softwash is a method where we simply spray the surface of a rendered building with different cleaning solutions depending on the problems you're facing. Sometimes biocidal washes are necessary, and other times a mild bleach solution. Sometimes, both, for example.

The key to this method is knowing which products are necessary and then applying it gently to the render. Clean render is only useful if there is no damage. And damage to the render on the outside of a building can lead to damp and moisture problems, so it's really important that we use low pressure and gentle cleaning products for the best results.

Once all the products that are necessary have been applied and rinsed away, we simply rinse the building with one final low pressure blast of water to ensure all the products are gone (especially important when we clean coloured render because even the mild cleaning solutions we use can cause discolouration if left on indefinitely), and Voila, your render should be clean and the surface like new again.

2. Render cleaning solutions explained

To help you understand why we use some of the products we use, let us talk you through our two most common cleaning solutions.

Biocidal wash

Biocidal washes are used to kill and clean away natural growth such as algae, lichen, mould, or fungi.

These growths appear naturally over time on any building because the surfaces are exposed to moisture, dirt, and various temperatures that allow for them to appear.

Biocidal washes simply work by removing the growths from surfaces on the outside of the building, and then remove the chance of them returning quickly by attacking the source of the growth.

Once used, your renders should be clear of natural growths for 3-4 months, but some clients will notice that they don't require render cleaning services again for quite a bit longer - it all depends on where your home is located, the moisture levels, and the temperature which may contribute to these growths returning faster, slower, or not at all.

Sodium hypochlorite

Sodium hypochlorite or, simply put, a mild bleach, is best used for render cleaning when the messes are just natural staining or dirt. The mild bleach works to remove stains quickly and safely, and will result in the building looking great again in no time.

This cleaning solution is necessary for almost all the jobs we attend because most often it's natural dirt and stains that cause our customers to contact us. Where there is no organic growth present, our mild bleach solution can be used effectively every time on render paint, dry dash, and other types of render for a cost effective and quick cleaning process that delivers excellent results.

3. The process

Render cleaning using a softwash approach is simple.

Here's a quick example:

  • First, we identify the problems.
  • Second, we choose the right cleaning products.
  • Third, if everything is needed, we will spray a mixture of water and biocidal washes to remove natural growths.
  • Fourth, we'll spray a mix of water and sodium hypochlorite.
  • Fifth, we'll rinse the entire building with just water.

After that, the render cleaning should be complete. We simply clean using a layer of different cleaning mixes until the paint, render, or wall looks like new again. It really is that simple, but it requires our specialist equipment to achieve such great results.

Which rendered surfaces can our York render cleaning services be used on?

Wondering whether cleaning render is right for your specific type of render? Don't worry, our cleaning services can be used on a range of render types.

Coloured render

Coloured renders, despite often being seen as vulnerable to render cleaning solutions because of the risk of fading etc, can still be cleaned using our softwash solutions.

Lime render

Lime render can also be cleaned using our render cleaning solutions. The key here is not using high pressure, because pressure washing could easily damage the lime.

Pebble dash

Again, pressure washing isn't suitable for this type of render, but using our cleaning services is, because of the low pressure render cleaning method we use won't damage the pebble dash.

K rend

K rend is great for cleaning with a soft wash cleaning method.


Monocouche renders are also great with our methods because the very thin layers of render could be otherwise affected by high pressure.


Weber works great too!

Unsure? We can advise!

As you can see, there are many different render types we can clean, including render covered in paint, etc. But really, if you're unsure, just ask.

We've worked from the ground up in terms of all the jobs we've completed here at Render Hero, so we've worked with a range of render types for render cleaning.

If you're unsure if we can work with you, simply contact us today and we can advise.

Which rendered surfaces can our York  render cleaning services be used on?
Working with a render cleaning company in York  vs DIY jet washing...

Working with a render cleaning company in York vs DIY jet washing...

Many of you will read today's post and think that a pressure washer could do the job just as well, but please heed our warning.

It won't.

That's not to say pressure washing won't remove the dirt and stains and grime from your render - because it will.

The problem is, there's a very high chance that you'll remove the render whilst you're at it. This will then expose the brick beneath and cause you a host of damp problems which could cost thousands to fix...

Why you should choose Render Hero

Still not convinced Render Hero is right for you? Well, let us talk you through some reasons so many customers already love us and our render cleaning services!

Work with many types of render

Being as experienced as us comes with so many perks - but the best one is how many render types we've worked with, giving us a unique perspective and skill set that means we can deliver amazing results.

Remove stains and organic growth problems fast

Using the softwash method, we can deal with problems like algae, fungi, and lichen quickly and easily, showing your home in its best light again fast.

Cost effective solution

We don't charge ridiculous rates. We know how important keeping your home in top shape is to so many of you, so we try to ensure our prices are as competitive as possible so we don't price anybody out.

Eco friendly

Despite using mild chemicals, they're actually far better for the environment than other options, helping you clean your render without damaging the environment.

Restores the original render to its former glory

There's no better feeling than looking at those before and after shots, and we strongly recommend all our customers take those pictures so they can see the difference we've made.

Excellent results guaranteed

We know how to deliver fantastic results, no matter your render type or cleaning problems, so you can trust us to show you a real difference when we clean your render.

Cleaning specialists with the expertise to keep your exterior render safe

With so much experience, we know what's safe and what's not, so your render is never at risk when we're working on your property.

Why you should choose Render Hero
Your next steps...

Your next steps...

Ready to get started with render cleaning in York? Then all you need to do is contact us at Render Hero today.

As soon as we know what you require and the size of your property, we'll be able to provide you with a free no-obligation quote, and you can decide if we are right for you.

And if you're anything like our other clients, we're confident you'll decide that we are!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is Softwashing better than pressure washing?

The best way to clean a surface is determined by the type of surface and the type of dirt or stain that must be removed. For delicate surfaces, softwashing may be preferable, whereas pressure washing may be more effective for tougher stains. High-pressure water is used to blast away dirt, grime, and other buildup from a surface. It is useful for removing tough stains and is frequently used for exterior cleaning. It can, however, damage delicate surfaces or strip away paint or other finishes. Softwashing cleans surfaces with a low-pressure, chemical-based cleaning solution. It is frequently used to clean delicate surfaces like roofs, where high pressure could cause damage. Before being rinsed away, the cleaning solution is left on the surface for a period of time to penetrate and break down dirt and grime. Softwashing is less likely to damage surfaces, but it may not be as effective as pressure washing at removing tough stains.

What chemical is used in soft wash pressure washing?

Soft washing in pressure washing typically employs a cleaning solution made up of a combination of detergents, surfactants, and biocides. Depending on the type of dirt or stain to be removed, the chemicals used may differ. Soft wash solutions commonly contain the following chemicals: Sodium hypochlorite: A strong bleach used to remove mould, algae, and mildew. Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (Quats) are a type of disinfectant that kills bacteria and viruses. Sodium Hydroxide: A powerful alkaline cleaner that removes grease and oil.

Is it possible to pressure wash render?

Although pressure washing is ideal for stone and concrete surfaces, it is not recommended for render. Pressure washing rendered surfaces, such as K Rend and pebble dash removes the surface from the wall and can lead to cracking if water gets into the porous parts of the render.

How do I clean my external rendering?

Cleaning external rendering is best done by a professional cleaner, who will have the expertise and equipment to safely and effectively clean the surface without causing damage. Different types of render may require different cleaning methods, so it is important to consult a professional for proper advice. The use of bleach on external rendering is not always appropriate or safe, and can cause damage or environmental harm, so it should be used with caution.
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