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If you are looking to update the external walls of your property, you might be leaning towards having them rendered. The options can seem quite overwhelming, but you will probably have heard of K-rend. But what exactly is K-rend? Is it any different from normal rendering? And what are the benefits? Read on for our guide to K-rendering.


Why you should render your home.

Rendering is a product that is applied to the external walls of your home. It has a dual function. First, it seals your walls from harsh weather conditions and can help to insulate your home. Second, it can brighten the look of your home and eliminate the need to paint your outside walls.

There is a wide range of different rendering options. These can include:

  • cement render - strong and cost-effective but can crack easily on older homes and is quite labour-intensive to apply
  • lime render - traditional render that has been used for hundreds of years.
  • monocouche render - a single layer render that does not require a base coat.
  • insulated render - provides home with exterior wall insulation to reduce carbon footprint.
  • polymer render - uses silicone to make render water repellent on the outside, while allowing water vapour to escape the home
  • acrylic render - a finishing coat used for decorative purposes

What is K-rendering?

K-rend is actually a brand name, owned by the Kilwaughter company. Like other brands, such as Walkman or Hoover, its name is often used to refer to all kinds of rendering. But K-rend has its own particular types and benefits.

K-rend traditionally produces a thick-coat rend that is mineral-based and processed using limestone. It comes in a variety of colours and textures, over 500 different options in fact, so that you can choose exactly the look that you want. K-rend comes pre-bagged to the site. K-rend can be applied by machine or by hand.

K-rend has also started producing organic resin renders, also known as "bucket mix", which are cement-free and arrive in the ready-to-mix paste form. This type of K-rend has silicone added to it which makes it water-repellant, breathable, and very low maintenance.

You will often need to apply a base coat before the K-rend and this is especially true if you are applying the rendering over anything other than bare brickwork. If your house is currently painted, you would need to remove the paint before rendering it to avoid it peeling/not having a proper seal.

While K-rend on its own doesn't meet the exterior wall insulation (EWI) guidelines, this insulation can be added to it if reducing your carbon footprint/energy bills is a priority for you.



What are the benefits of using K-rendering?

The main benefit of K-rend is how durable and low-maintenance it is. Rather than having to repaint your house every 3-5 years, K-rend is designed to last for 30. You also have a really wide range of options with colours and styles, so you won't feel the need to further decorate the outside of your house once the K-rend is applied.

Cleaning K-rend is also easy to do. You should treat it every 12 months with algaecide, spraying the mixture off with your hose. There is no need to power wash the K-rend.

K-rend is designed to be algae-repellent. Contrary to popular belief, algae is more likely in cleaner air, so if you live in a coastal or rural area choosing a finish that is algae-repellent will be important.

While K-rend is weather-proof, it is actually permeable to water vapour. What this means in practice is that your house will be able to let moisture out and "breathe". This means that you are less likely to be dealing with problems like condensation, which can make your home unsightly and can even cause health problems to the inhabitants if the mould is left untreated.

The bottom line

K-rendering has become extremely popular in recent years, and it is with good reason. The finish on K-rendered properties is smooth and sophisticated, with a huge variety of colours and textures. And, because the colour penetrates all the way through the render, this finish is maintained for decades. It also leaves your home breathable and weather-resistant which is, of course, important for your long-term comfort.




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